Teaching and Music Education

A multi-faceted music education helps you read and understand all types of music. It gives you more appreciation and enjoyment of all music styles. In addition to basic music rudiments (note reading), instruction includes:

  • Keyboard harmony - chord progressions, keys (tonalities), including jazz and pop music
  • Technique - scales, chords, including jazz and pop music
  • Analysis - structure and form of all music in historical context
  • Aural (ear) training and listening
  • Visual (sight) training and reading

Performance and ensemble are encouraged to aid the learning process, build self-confidence, and give focus and direction to your studies.

What You Should Know

  • Music study helps you achieve better concentration, coordination, self-awareness, self confidence and poise.
  • Studies show that music students achieve higher marks in their academic subjects.
  • Music study is relaxing and therapeutic.
  • Music study, with attention to correct posture and technique, relieves and/or prevents common injuries such as Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), back and neck pain, and arthritis.
  • The benefits of your music studies extend to all other disciplines and areas of life, including professional, athletic, academic, etc.
  • Ruth has over 30 years experience successfully teaching disabled and physically challenged persons.

Piano and Singing

Ruth has been teaching, performing and conducting nationally and internationally for 25 years. She has been teaching, performing and conducting in New Brunswick since 1993. In addition to teaching and performing, she has examined and adjudicated in over 60 centres across Canada for over 25 years.

Ruth prepares teachers, performers, and students for examinations, auditions, festivals, recitals, as well as conducts workshops in performance and pedagogy. She holds regular performance classes and concerts for all registered students (auditors and participants). Students receive emails as notification of upcoming performance classes.